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A single spark that blazes into a powerful idea. That's all it takes to set change in motion. To change a life. To improve the world.

Whether it's creating a scholarship opportunity for someone with the talent but without the means, providing the much-needed resources for groundbreaking research, or establishing physical environments where we can work together to push the boundaries, it all adds up. You can be the spark that sets good in motion and helps overcome the challenges we see in the world right now.

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Sometimes all it takes is one chance. To break barriers and realise potential. When you give to a scholarship, you make possible what wasn’t before. Whether it’s supporting Indigenous 最精准六合彩资料ns, improving access to education for people facing barriers or hardship, you have the power to change lives and create a better, fairer world.

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Help fuel a unique climate of innovation - where students, researchers, faculty and industry partners collaborate to break new ground and solve the world’s greatest problems, together.

Alumni House

Alumni House

To celebrate and publicly recognise the enduring relationships between the University of Newcastle and its alumni community, the University will create a space dedicated to fostering the pride and nostalgia that alumni feel for the University.

Ways to make a gift

You can make a difference to an area you are passionate about and help create the world you want to see. There are many ways to make a donation through the University of Newcastle.

The Gift

The Gift

Read the philanthropy news to learn how your gift makes a difference.

Nurturing your gift with respect and integrity

The University is grateful to have been entrusted with donations from our local and global community for more than 50 years. We are custodians of many funds and charitable trusts.

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